Research Fellow and Associate Professor (Retired)


Research Interests

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David Baker, PhD, is a fellow in the Center for Justice Research at Texas Southern University. Dr. Baker retired as an associate professor in the Department of Administration of Justice and served as the former Interim Chair in the Barbara Jordan – Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas. Baker currently serves on the editorial Board for the International Journal of Criminal Justice Sciences, African Journal of Criminology and Justice Studies, and International Journal of Criminology and Sociology Theory. He has two books and several articles published. His research has appeared in such venues as Journal of Criminal Justice and Law Review, International Criminal Justice Review, Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice, Journal of Black Studies, American Journal of Criminal Justice, Administration in Social Work, and various other peer-reviewed journals.

Baker’s research projects utilize quantitative and qualitative research methods to examine the barriers that members of disenfranchised communities face with the long-term goal to dismantle these barriers through policy-driven criminal justice research and reform. More specifically, Baker’s research portfolio focuses on racial/ethnic issues in the criminal justice systems; recidivism in African Americans communities, policing issues; and comparative criminal justice.

Previously, Baker was an associate professor and research fellow at the University of Toledo. During this time, he collaborated with Treatment Alternative To Street Crime (TASC) a community organization to develop long range strategies for reentry related issues. He received his PhD at York University, Department of Sociology, Toronto Canada.