Journal of Criminal Justice & Law Review

Special Issue: Revolutionary Criminology

Guest Editors

Jason M. Williams, Ph. D.

Montclair State University

Nishaun T. Battle, Ph. D.

Virginia State University

Editor in Chief

Howard Henderson, Ph. D.,

Professor, Texas Southern University

Protecting the interests of the community by localizing the jury

Naji Mujahid

This article concerns the matter of representative jury composition and suggests a method that can increase the chances of petit juries5 truly reflecting their respective communities.

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The league of revolutionary black workers: Organizing to fight back with a pedagogy of revolution

Anthony Justin Barnum

This paper examines the historical resistance of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers and their response to working and survivingwithin an oppressive capitalist system under police surveillance.

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Geospatial aspects of social control: Chasing the offender or the place?

Kingsley U. Ejiogu

The purpose of this study is to examine how crime control processes and the understanding of social relationships are changing through the use of geospatial technologies.

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Intersections of race and gender and its impact on prison punishment

Liza Chowdhury

The purpose of this study is to examine if categories of intersections based on race and gender result in disparate punishment outcomes in regards to official reactions to prison infractions.

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Jumpsuit to button-down: Clothing used as resistance in prisoner reentry

Keesha M. Middlemass and Calvin John Smiley

Drawing on ethnographic data from a two-year interdisciplinary project in Newark, New Jersey, the article examines how former prisoners reentering society use clothing to disguise the mark of prison, conceal their felon status, and reshape their public persona with the goal of becoming an accepted member of the community.

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At the intersection of class and colorism: The creation of a criminal caste in New Orleans

Darryl Barthe

The purpose of this article is to examine the role of historical white supremacy, articulated through colorism and the systematic denigration of blackness, in the construction of a criminal caste in New Orleans.

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Mass incarceration: Perpetuating the "habits of survival" and race identities of black women caregivers to children of incarcerated partners

Shenique S. Thomas, Vivian C. Smith, Bahiyyah M. Muhammad

In this research, the researchers analyzed in-depth interviews from Black women who were caregivers to children of incarcerated parents.

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Why, welcome back Jim Crow! Jim Crow, "neo-lynching" and the criminalization of the right to resist in 21st century America

Zoe Spencer

This research provides a critical socio-historic analysis of disparate policing, state sponsored homicides, and the subsequent criminalization of the First Amendment in the United States.

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