War on Cops: High-Profile Violence Against Police

A wave of high-profile attacks on police officers risks creating a new political crisis for Joe Biden and the Democrats, who face an uphill to retain control of Congress in midterm elections in November.

Republicans and police unions are framing the attacks as a war on cops, triggered by Democrats soft on crime policies that they say are fueling the biggest rise in violent crime in a generation.

On Thursday, Patrick Yoes, the president of the National Fraternal Order of Police, a major law enforcement union, declared that the current level of violence being directed at police officers is the "worst" he's ever seen.

His comments came nearly a week after two New York City police officers were shot dead responding to a domestic incident, and days after a Houston-area deputy was killed during a traffic stop.

Dr. Henderson says, "the higher number of officers being shot is "coinciding with the overall rise in violent crime."

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