Removing Racial Bias in the Classroom

Black and Hispanic kids are more likely to miss school because of suspensions than their white peers, data shows. There is a different approach to discipline that changes the system by taking race out of the equation. It's called restorative discipline. The idea is to use relationships to deal with the root issue behind bad behavior at school instead of sending students home.

CJR Director Dr. Howard Henderson says, "The research was clear. Restorative justice programs work. They cut down on the number of kids suspended, and it cuts down on school-to-prison pipeline likelihood. We understood there's a better way to do this than send a kid home for three days."

"It's a round-table conversation with the people who need to be there, the vested stakeholders. Ultimately, when you have to face the people you've offended, you respond differently. That's what this looks like."

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