How Violent Crime has Gone up Since the Pandemic

Louisville Democratic mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg was at his campaign headquarters preparing for a meeting when a bullet grazed his sweater on Monday morning.

“A man walked into our office. When we greeted him, he pulled out a gun, aimed directly at me and began shooting,” Greenberg said at a press conference following the shooting.

Though Greenberg described himself as “shaken but safe,” his experience is just one incident in an uptick in violent crime seen throughout the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A look at the cities across the U.S. shows a trend of more violent crimes as the pandemic wanes on, though how significant that trend is varies from city to city.


The Houston Police Department told The Hill that it had reported 62 homicides in 2022 as of Feb. 15, a 32 percent increase from the same date last year when the city had 47.

In 2021, the department reported 476 murders or cases of non-negligent manslaughter compared to 392 in 2020.

CJR's Dr. Howard Henderson say, “We still don’t know the impact of COVID-19 on violent crime and we still don’t understand the social impact of protesting on police reform — it’s going to take time.”

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