Texas Lawmakers File ‘George Floyd’ Bill To Ban Chokeholds, Amid Calls For Nationwide Police Reform

As politicians work on passing the George Floyd Act, the discussion is centering on banning police chokeholds. While the Center for Justice Research agrees all police chokeholds should be banned, it's not enough to simply pass a law.

From the article:

The legislation comes amid a broader conversation about police reform in the United States. On Monday, Texas Southern University's Center for Justice Research released an "action brief" calling for a nationwide ban on police chokeholds.

The center's director, Dr. Howard Henderson, acknowledged that deaths have occurred in cities where chokeholds are already banned. That's why, he said, a ban would have to include consequences for violators.

"What we're asking for is that you don't just ban them," he said, "but you make sure that when people violate those, that they're held accountable."

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