Police Reform in Colorado

When Colorado police arrested 73-year-old Karen Garner, they were accused of fracturing a bone in her arm and dislocating her shoulder. Mrs. Garner, a woman with dementia, was sought after by police after reportedly stealing $13.88 worth of items from Walmart. The woman's lawyer noted police detained Mrs. Garner for four hours before being sent to the hospital.

As the killing of unarmed Black Americans is continued by police, policymakers are pressured to instill protocols to keep officers accountable for misconduct.

Howard Henderson, founding director of the Center for Justice Research at Texas Southern University, notes that it is the major cities that have begun to change the practices of their police officers.

"In rural communities and smaller towns, some people are not thinking, and the people who live there won't see the changes they'd like to see," he says in a telephone interview.

Henderson would like to see Congress pass legislation that could "guide" local elected officials to carry out their reforms. "The bill is blocked in the Senate, which is unfortunate."

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