Corporate Social Justice Partnerships

Working with organizations to push their boundaries beyond

2020 spurred a corporate movement around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). As the world witnessed the murder of George Floyd, an unprecedented number of protesters took to our streets, and countless businesses pledged their allegiance in standing up and speaking out against racial and social injustices. 

In fact, America’s largest corporations pledged $50 billion to address racial inequality in 2020. 

George Floyd, COVID-19, and growing stakeholder interest in diversity initiatives supercharged this necessary but long-overdue movement. Now, there is an accelerated urgency to push the boundaries of corporate social responsibility and DE&I programs to create authentic, lasting change in Corporate America. Outside of philanthropic donations, organizations are:

  • Moving beyond DE&I benchmarking and taking purposeful action in creating cultures that support social justice initiatives 
  • Working with academics, researchers, and policymakers to address barriers to groups commonly impacted by social injustices
  • Educating themselves on how to make their workplaces more open and inclusive – and evolving their hiring practices

If we, as a nation, are truly striving to create an equitable society that pushes to recognize and rectify generations-long injustices against Black Americans and other vulnerable communities, it will require effort from everyone – including corporations. That’s why organizations are working with the Center for Justice Research in shifting from a passive Corporate Social Responsibility approach to a more progressive, solutions-oriented Corporate Social Justice strategy.

“Prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic’s disparate impacts as well as widespread instances of racial injustice by police and citizens against Black Americans, a growing number of CEOs and private sector leaders have stepped up their support of Black communities through philanthropy and other actions. These actions must now go further, extending beyond philanthropy to include deeper changes in business practices in which investments in Black and Latino or Hispanic workers and entrepreneurs matter for businesses’ bottom lines and long-term economic prosperity. This is the new economic competitiveness agenda."

— The Brookings Institution

How We Work With Corporate Partners

  • Provide representation at Town Hall employee discussions on social and criminal justice
  • Support development of the organization’s Corporate Social Justice Report
  • Funding partner addressing barriers to equity and inclusion across communities and companies
  • More information: NHL, Players Unveil Series of Anti-Racism Initiatives
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  • Support in strategizing, creating, and executing the organization’s mentorship program, community engagement strategy, and corporate social responsibility communication plan
  • Funding partner in providing a researcher development workshop series that prioritizes strategic planning, project-based learning, and culturally responsive research training opportunities
  • More information: Chevron donates $50,000 to the Center for Justice Research
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