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CJR Scholarship Recipients

CJR Scholarship Recipients

The Center for Justice Research proudly supports students on their educational journey at Texas Southern University.

Through the Center for Justice Research Fellowship and alumni donations, four TSU students have been awarded scholarship funding for the 2021-2022 academic year:

  • Denise Brown 
  • Erin Carson 
  • Ashley Adams-Causley 
  • Skiahla Chalmers

“We are honored to support the next generation of researchers, educators, and professionals through our Center for Justice Research  scholarship program,” said Dr. Howard Henderson, founding director of the Center for Justice Research. “When it comes to higher education, we know every bit counts. We hope with this award, these amazing students are able to concentrate on their studies and make our world a better place when they move on from the halls of Texas Southern University.” Let’s get to know each of the recipients.

Denise Brown
Doctoral Candidate in Administration of Justice

Denise Brown is pursuing her doctorate in Administration of Justice, with research interests lying at the intersection of forensic science and racial disparities in the criminal justice system. Denise is proud to be a student at TSU, where she feels supported by her mentors, faculty, and the Center for Justice Research as she continues doing great things.

“Receiving this scholarship was truly a blessing. As a doctoral student within the Administration of Justice Department of the Barbara Jordan- Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs, balancing schoolwork and working to stay above water is a task within itself. This scholarship allowed me to continue my educational journey without the stress of figuring out how I would pay off my tuition while preparing for comprehensive exams,” said Denise.

“Furthermore, the CJR scholarship reflected the support I have from the Center for Justice Research family. I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Howard Henderson, the founding director of CJR, and seeing the many accomplishments he has achieved, reminded me, ‘a hard journey means the most at the end because you can look back over the obstacles you overcome and be able to encourage others to finish.’ I have always valued my education but never wanted to finish my educational journey in unnecessary debt. I am forever grateful to be one of the 2021 CJR scholarship recipients,” finished Denise. 

Erin Carson
Undergraduate Student Majoring in Biology 

Erin Carson is a biology student at TSU, and to her, this scholarship means she is another step closer to getting where she wants to be from an academic standpoint. Outside of her science studies, she’s enjoyed her history class, where the professor’s positive energy gave Erin the renewed motivation she needed. She is also incredibly proud of being a student at an HBCU where she feels at home. 

“Growing up, I went to predominantly white schools, and because I was taking advanced classes, I was usually the only one in my class. I always felt like an outcast. Here, I know there are people who are just like me, and that gives me so much comfort knowing that. Also, I just love being around my people. We are so amazing in so many different ways, and to be able to witness it every single day is the best feeling,” said Erin.

Ashley Adams-Causley
Undergraduate Student Majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies

Ashley Adams-Causley is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, focusing on early childhood education and special education. She is a transfer student at TSU, and to her, the scholarship award will help her as she continues her studies at a new institution.

“Being a TSU student, I feel very welcomed to the school's environment. Since I am a new transfer student coming in this fall, being a part of an environment where my fellow classmates and professors are similar to me, not just in skin color, is a welcoming experience in today's generation,” said Ashley.

Skiahla Chalmers
Undergraduate Student Majoring in Mathematics 

Skiahla Chalmers is an undergraduate student pursuing a major in Mathematics with a minor in education. After receiving the scholarship, she dug further into the Center for Justice Research’s mission. 

“The scholarship at first only meant extra money, but after doing my research about what CJR is about, I have a new understanding and opinion. I believe the criminal justice system lacks an understanding of how to deal with underrepresented people of color. By getting more black students and other students of color the opportunity to advance in college, I now have a greater appreciation,” said Skiahla.

“I am proud to be a TSU student because of the community and the environment. Everyone is so supportive and helpful […] I feel like I can make a name for myself here. Even though this is a bigger campus than my last one, I believe you need the right people around you to truly succeed,” said Sliahla.

Congratulations to these exceptional students. We can’t wait to see everything you achieve.
The Center for Justice Research is committed to creating justice reform-oriented solutions to reduce mass incarceration by supporting the next generation of change leaders. Learn more about the Center for Justice Research’s work by visiting or contacting the center at or 713-313-6843.

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