Action Briefs

Americans are demanding changes to law enforcement protocols as a response to the epidemic of police misconduct. Bills are being developed at the federal, state, and local levels, with much of the legislation pointing to the murder of George Floyd as the sentinel event for police reform.

The Center for Justice Research at Texas Southern University is playing an active role in this discussion with the formation of our National Police Reform Advisory Group, a collective of scholars, practitioners, and community members, most of whom have police training experience. The group’s recommendations for our Action Briefs calls for common sense reforms that protect citizens and hold officers accountable for misconduct at all levels.  

These evidence-based and data-driven briefs include comprehensive recommendations for lawmakers, mayors, law enforcement, and other key stakeholders to consider in the advancement of police reform in their respective jurisdictions. Armed with these briefs, policymakers and practitioners can better target policies and programs that aim to improve police-community interactions for the most disadvantaged.
Beyond policy work, researchers can use the Action Briefs to reveal new insights into evidence-supported, culturally responsive approaches to police reform instead of the traditional responses that have yet to be vetted by those closest to the problem.  

In total, the Center for Justice Research National Police will release eight Action Briefs that will better hold police accountable for misconduct and protect vulnerable communities. The Action Briefs address:

1. A National Ban on Chokeholds
2. A Duty to Intervene
3. A National Ban on No-Knock Warrants
4. Redefining the Use of Qualified Immunity
5. Reallocating Funds to Other Social Programs
6. Increasing Education Requirements and Training for Officers
7. Creating a National Misconduct Database
8. Installing a Civilian Review Board with Subpoena Power

Below you will find the first three briefs. The remaining Action Briefs are set to be released in the near future.