HBCU Criminal Justice Research Hub
Collaboratively addressing violent crime and mass incarceration.
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Why wrong-place shootings have plagued US communities for decades.
Joint Study Shows Unemployment Drives Recidivism
Unemployment remains high among the formerly incarcerated after serving their sentences, perpetuating a cycle of disadvantage which contributes to future crime.
Health Equity and Criminal Justice
Research that provides framework for solutions to the intersection of criminal legal system disparities and perinatal outcomes.

Researcher Development Institute

I’ve been able to network with and learn from other Black scholars when we would not have crossed paths if not for the program.


The areas that I have seen tremendous changes both professionally and scholarly lay within my strategic planning, time management, and organization.

dr julian scott, iii

It is within the realm of the institution that I am often confined by a sense of not belonging… through the empowerment of being in a space with like-minded individuals, I am better equipped to work and learn among colleagues, who can empathize with the duality of my experience as both a minority and an educator.


Participating in this program has been life-changing for professional and personal reasons. The program allowed me to be a part of a cohort of doctors and doctoral candidates who looked just like me and experienced the same academic barriers and systematic issues that I have while trying to navigate in this field.


…the RDI not only prepares its cohorts to thrive in academic spaces but also administers the tools required to be affluent in research, teaching, and service, which is an essential component in sustaining a career in higher education.

DR. serita whiting

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