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Since 2018, the Center for Justice Research has been leading the charge of reducing mass incarceration through targeted, culturally-responsive, evidence-supported solutions and strategic engagements.

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Corporate Social Justice Partnerships

Working with organizations to push their boundaries beyond

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Understanding Gun Possession Among Young Males

Study funded by the National Coalition on Gun Violence Research

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Americans are demanding changes to law enforcement protocols as a response to the epidemic of police misconduct.

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Researcher Development Program

The Center for Justice Research cultivates a community of students and faculty who are interested in culturally responsive research and evaluation.

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Our Mission

Reduce mass incarceration through targeted, culturally-responsive, evidence-supported solutions and strategic engagements.

What We Do

Research & Data

We use culturally responsive research and data to understand the best approaches to structural, institutional and cultural criminal justice reform. Our research helps us advocate for race, ethnicity and class-based equity within the criminal legal system.

Researcher Development

Culturally responsive and equity-sensitive researchers are necessary for an equitable criminal legal system. Diversifying the justice research workforce allows us to expand our ways of thinking and practice.

Policy Advocacy

CJR serves as a key driver of racial, ethnic and class equity in the criminal justice system. Beyond research, we advise key stakeholders and policymakers through networking with the research community by bringing academics and industry together.

Strategic Engagement

Collaboration is essential to the reimagination of the criminal justice system. We partner with local, regional, and national stakeholders for input, guidance and feedback on reducing disparities and maintaining public safety.

Center for Justice Research National Police Reform Advisory Group

In the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death and the resulting national outcry for systemic policing reforms, we formed a National Police Reform Advisory Group. The expert-laden advisory group helps chart the national response for the sustainable improvement of police-community relations.

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The Center for Justice Research is a research center devoted to data-driven solutions for an equitable criminal justice system.

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